About Me

Danny Hubbard impact driverHello!

My name is Danny Hubbard. More than 15 years my career is connected with construction.

Basically all this time I was engaged in private objects – turnkey repair of apartments, construction of houses of various complexity.

In 2020 I finished a two-year construction of my own single-story house. I built almost everything myself, almost without involving other professionals (except for the stages of building design and design, here I have no competence at all:).

impact driver guidesToday I work in the department “construction of country houses” in a construction company. Here I am responsible for the selection of tools and materials for construction. The work is more in the office and I sometimes miss the days when I worked a lot with my hands, controlling the quality of my work and the work of my colleagues.

That is how I got the idea to create a site where I will share with you my experience in choosing and using construction tools. I try to select products for both home and specialized use, so that each of you will be able to choose the right product.


Here’s the photo of me building my own house:)