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Choosing the ACDelco Tools impact driver? ACDelco Tools manufactures a high quality impact driver for your home or garage job that will last you for years to come.

ACDelco Tools impact driver

Best ACDelco Tools impact driver on the market

In this article we will tell you which impact driver is best for drilling, screwing and assembling, for furniture assembling, woodworking, working with concrete and drywall, for changing tires, lug nuts and brake rotors.

We will also tell you what features to look for when choosing an ACDelco Tools impact driver.

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ACDelco Tools Impact Driver for Home

High Power ACDelco Tools Impact Driver

The drill is an electric tool for drilling in wood, metal and other materials as well as working with fasteners. It is used for construction, finishing, carpentry, locksmith and other works. Choosing an ACDelco Tools electric drill for the home is not difficult. First you need to decide which drill you want to take – percussion or hammerless. For the most part, it depends on the future tasks, but the impact drill is versatile and will be suitable for more solutions. It can work in two modes: with and without impact. For home use, both percussion and non-percussion models can be suitable. But for professionals, an impact drill is a must, because saving time is very important when working.

What is the difference between a ACDelco Tools and a screwdriver?

The two tools are designed differently:

The ACDelco Tools drill has this drilling, it is suitable for wood, metal, plastic or not very difficult work with stone, brick, concrete.

From the name of the screwdriver its main function is already clear – to tighten and unscrew screws. The ACDelco Tools screwdriver has less power than a drill.

What is the difference between a ACDelco Tools impact drill and a hammerless drill?

Even though they are the same tool, the impact and no-impact versions have different specifics:

  • The ACDelco Tools impact drill is more versatile and can work with more materials.
  • A hammerless drill is not suitable for working with hard materials, but it has greater accuracy because of the absence of shock.

What is the difference between a hammer drill and an ACDelco Tools impact drill?

Hammer drills are mainly used for chiseling, while impact drills are used for drilling. In addition, they have some design differences. The hammer drill weighs more – this is due to its design and greater power. It can also work in impact mode without drilling. The impact in a straight hammer is created by a “drunk” bearing. The drilling speed in a hammer drill is lower than in an ACDelco Tools impact drill. But it works better with concrete and stone.

The ACDelco Tools impact drill has a different mechanism for creating blows – during rotation, the movable gear moves near the stationary one. When their ribs collide, the movable pinion rises to go around the obstacle and then drops back down. This gives rise to an impact.

What is an impact drill for?

The primary function of an ACDelco Tools impact drill is drilling. The impact drill is an optional extra. It is a modification of the hammerless drill, which appeared much earlier. It is capable of handling a large number of materials:

  • metal;
  • concrete;
  • brick;
  • wood;
  • plastic.

For the beginner builder, an ACDelco Tools impact drill can replace a hammer drill, a screwdriver and many other tools. For example, you can use it as a mixer, installing the appropriate attachment. The main functions of an impact drill:

  1. At low speeds, it can work with screws.
  2. In no-impact mode, it turns into a regular drill.
  3. In percussion mode, you can drill in hard materials.

How does an ACDelco Tools drill work?

Regardless of the manufacturer, all drills have the same design. There are exceptions and small differences, but this is more a rarity than the norm. The main structural parts of the drill:

  • motor;
  • gearbox;
  • impeller;
  • chuck;
  • power cord;
  • vents;
  • control buttons and levers.

impact driver construction ACDelco Tools

The main characteristics of an ACDelco Tools impact drill

Among the characteristics of the drill that you need to look at when choosing: power, speed and the ability to adjust the speed.

Drill motor power

The motor is the “heart” of our tool. Its power determines the limits of the device. The engine type determines the power, speed of rotation and is reflected in the efficiency of the drill.

Small domestic ACDelco Tools drills have a power up to 1000 watts. For solving tasks in the house or at the cottage, they are quite enough. They can work for 4 hours a day. It is also necessary to take breaks every 20 minutes.

Professional ACDelco Tools drills are equipped with motors with more than 1200 watts of power. The external and internal elements are made of durable materials – alloy steel, rubber, aluminum, etc.

When buying an ACDelco Tools impact drill for the home, experts recommend focusing on devices from 700 to 1000 watts. It is such tools will be able to solve all household tasks. During home repairs they are also quite enough. You should not take the most powerful model for simple works, as a more powerful drill will be heavier, and during repair work, even an extra half-kilogram will be a problem.

RPM and RPM adjustment

No less important indicator in an electric drill is the speed of rotation and the number of revolutions. There are drills with the number of revolutions up to 3000 – these are models for uncomplicated tasks or processing. Professional equipment may have a higher number of revolutions.

There are also pneumatic drills, which have their own characteristics of work. To connect any pneumatic tool, you need to buy an air compressor.

What are the chucks for the ACDelco Tools drill?

The choice of a drill chuck is as important as the choice of the tool itself. Each element of the mechanism must be of high quality and fit with the others. There are three types of chucks:

  1. key;
  2. quick-clamping;
  3. morse taper.

chuck for impact driver ACDelco Tools

Key chucks

The most common chucks are key chucks. The main advantage of such a fastener is reliability. It will not allow the drill to turn, even with high power. The main disadvantage – the need to use a wrench. Without it, it will be impossible to change the mount.

Quick-action chucks

Quick-change chucks help you save time when changing a drill. The tooling change is done in a short time, does not require much effort and additional devices.

Morse taper

The Morse cone is considered the most reliable chuck, it holds the drill bit firmly, but you have to pay for this reliability with time to change the tooling. Removing it is quite problematic.

Drill bits for ACDelco Tools

The most common drills installed in the drill are:

  1. on metal;
  2. on wood;
  3. concrete and stone.

drill bits for ACDelco Tools

There are also different nozzles, including those for specific types of work. If desired, the drill can be fitted with a mixer nozzle, a grinding nozzle or an angle nozzle.

Additional accessories for the ACDelco Tools drill

In addition to bits and drills for drills there are additional equipment. They are suitable for different tasks:

  • A drill jig for drilling holes. It is used for drilling for dowels.
  • If your ACDelco Tools drill does not have a depth stop, you need to buy one, because you do not always need to drill through holes.
  • Stand. Solves the problem of drilling at an angle if you need high accuracy, and you have to drill a lot of holes.
  • You should remember about the methods of protection when working with ACDelco Tools power tools and equipment. The minimum set – gloves and safety glasses.

Additional accessories for ACDelco Tools drill

Tips for choosing a ACDelco Tools drill

Drills can be roughly divided by power and maximum non-stop operating time. Depending on this, they will be effective under different conditions of use.

What ACDelco Tools drill to choose for home use?

The most common mistake when choosing a drill for home use is that the power of the device is too high. People take the most powerful ACDelco Tools drill because they think it will be better and more efficient, but, in fact, the resource of the tool remains unused. Another problem becomes the weight of the device. For home conditions, power up to 1000 watts will do and 2600 revolutions per minute will suffice.

This includes drills with a capacity of 1 to 1.2 kW, which can work up to 6 hours a day. Such models are also well suited for performing tasks on their plot or in the countryside. For example, such a drill can be used to build greenhouses.

The power of such drills is more than 1200 watts. They weigh more, but are able to work for a long time without interruption. These models use materials that protect the tool from overheating.

If you choose the right ACDelco Tools impact drill, it will become a reliable assistant in the home and construction, can cover many tasks and will last for many years.

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