DEWALT DCD771C2 Review


The impact driver can drill all kinds of holes. It is indispensable for working with any material, even the hardest ones: concrete, metal, stone, etc. The design feature of the tool makes it almost universal. In this article, we’ll review the Dewalt DCD771C2 impact driver and inform you about its pros and cons.

Key features of Dewalt DCD771C2

Voltage 20 V Power Source ‎Battery Powered
Torque ‎530 Inch Pounds Batteries Type ‎Lithium Ion
Max Power ‎300 Watts Weight ‎3.64 pounds
Max Rotation Speed 1,800 RPM Editor Rating 4.5 stars

  • Voltage. The higher the value, the less effort it takes to get the job done. At the same time, a high power rating requires more energy, which means the battery needs to be stronger as well.
  • Torque. The maximum torque is directly related to the intended use of the tool. In fact, it is responsible for the “strength” of the device. The higher this indicator, the easier it is for the screwdriver to screw large screws.
  • Rotation speed. This is the number of revolutions made by the spindle around its own axis in a unit of time. It is measured in revolutions per minute (rpm). The higher the speed of the drill, the higher its productivity.
  • Battery. The most commonly used types of batteries for an impact driver:
    • Li-Ion – more expensive than nickel batteries, but behind this price are weighty advantages, such as light weight, no “memory effect”, no self-discharge (presence in the smallest possible amount), good performance properties.
    • Ni-Cd – the most popular type of battery for a screwdriver, primarily due to its price. When choosing this type of battery, it is important to follow the instructions on how to charge it.
    • Ni-MH – released to replace the Ni-Cd type, its characteristics are not much inferior to its “big brother”, but it does not contain harmful cadmium, which means easier battery disposal.

Nickel batteries, compared to lithium-ion batteries, are more sensitive to the cold, which means that in winter it will be easier to work with them on the street.

Review Summary:

DEWALT DCD771C2 20 Volt is very high performance and can be used for any tough jobs. This lightweight and compact impact driver is relatively costlier as compared to the other competitor products.

Dewalt is one of the best brands for a compact impact driver. When you buy this tool usually you get the entire kit. Through our detailed reviews, we are trying to help all our potential customers by giving the right knowledge about the product. Whether it is features, benefits, pros and cons, or even customer reviews, or the installation guide, we can help you provide all the information you need about this product.

Read through our detailed review to know more and decide wisely.

Check the features before buying

Before you decide on buying this product, you should be aware of all the features. Below are the major features that are worth noticing.

Performance : This drill is very high performing and delivers about 300 unit Watts of power. Hence it is very much suitable for wide range of applications ranging from low duty to heavy duty.

Transmission : The Dewalt driver delivers 2 step transmission at 0-450 & 1,500 rpm.  This is available for a range of drilling and fastening applications.

Chuck : The handle has a half inch sleeve that offers excellent gripping even when there is a high friction. This feature is loved by most of the customers as mentioned in the reviews.

Handle : The ergonomically designed handle offers excellent comfort when your hand is in friction due to drilling of holes on the walls.

Compact : This impact driver is relatively compact and very easy to handle. As it is lightweight, it can easily be carried and stored in tight areas.

Benefits of using the products

Before buying this product you should be aware of the benefits this product offers to the users. This product has about 500 customer reviews on Amazon and it is obvious that people love the products a lot. The drill is very high performance and can be used for any tough jobs. This lightweight and compact impact driver is relatively costlier as compared to the other competitor products.


Pros and Cons


  • Handling : The driver is relatively lighter and easy to handle as compared to the other competitive brands.
  • Performance : With high performance and excellent torque, this tool can be used to perform drilling any kind of tough jobs.
  • Controls : Transmission is easy and has 2 level control for adjusting the speeds. This way you can get excellent control over the tool when you are trying to operate at different speeds.
  • Handle grip : The handle is made up of an extra layer of sleeve which offers excellent grip to your hand.
  • Compact and lightweight : You can easily store this drill tool in a very less space and lift it easily without any hassles as it is very light in weight.


  • Charger : The driver kit comes with a charger for the battery. However, beware ; this is a very cheap charger you can ever find
  • Battery life : The battery needs to be charged very frequently and its life is not long.
  • Cost : This is quite expensive compared to the same range of other brand products. However, as compared to the quality, features and utility, you can still say the cost is bearable.

Customer score

The product has 4.7 stars out of 5.0 out of which 80% are positive reviews and the remaining 20% are negative. The customers are happy because the tool’s performance is exemplary. It is compact and lightweight and has an excellent grip on the handle. The battery charges quickly but needs frequent charging. A slightly expensive product has a low battery life and charger is not of good quality.

Product installation guide

Read this when you have decided to buy this product and learn how to install and maintain the product. Although you will get similar instructions in the user guide when you buy the product, we are still taking the pleasure of writing the necessary steps for you.

  • Make sure all the items are present in your tool kit before you begin assembling this powerful tool for drilling.
  • Assemble the parts as given in the user guide.
  • Make sure to frequently charge your battery as it does not last longer
  • You have the LED light on top of the battery, make sure to turn it on after you have installed the tool.
  • Once you start using, make sure you drill it only on surfaces supported like metal, plastic and soft wood.



To conclude, now that you are well aware of the product details, the pros and cons, benefits, features as well as the installation and maintenance instructions, you should now be in a position to decide whether you can go ahead and purchase this product or not. You can go through various factors, reviews and details and ask any questions if you have. We encourage you to make well informed decision while buying this product for your home or your DYI project.

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