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The impact driver can drill all kinds of holes. It is indispensable for working with any material, even the hardest ones: concrete, metal, stone, etc. The design feature of the tool makes it almost universal. In this article, we’ll review the Dewalt DCF815S2 impact driver and inform you about its pros and cons.

Key features of Dewalt DCF815S2

Voltage 12V Power Source ‎Battery Powered
Torque ‎1400 Inch Pounds Batteries Type ‎Lithium Ion
Max Power ‎300 Watts Weight ‎2.3 pounds
Max Rotation Speed 2,450 RPM Editor Rating 4.5 stars


  • Voltage. The higher the value, the less effort it takes to get the job done. At the same time, a high power rating requires more energy, which means the battery needs to be stronger as well.
  • Torque. The maximum torque is directly related to the intended use of the tool. In fact, it is responsible for the “strength” of the device. The higher this indicator, the easier it is for the screwdriver to screw large screws.
  • Rotation speed. This is the number of revolutions made by the spindle around its own axis in a unit of time. It is measured in revolutions per minute (rpm). The higher the speed of the drill, the higher its productivity.
  • Battery. The most commonly used types of batteries for an impact driver:
    • Li-Ion – more expensive than nickel batteries, but behind this price are weighty advantages, such as light weight, no “memory effect”, no self-discharge (presence in the smallest possible amount), good performance properties.
    • Ni-Cd – the most popular type of battery for a screwdriver, primarily due to its price. When choosing this type of battery, it is important to follow the instructions on how to charge it.
    • Ni-MH – released to replace the Ni-Cd type, its characteristics are not much inferior to its “big brother”, but it does not contain harmful cadmium, which means easier battery disposal.

Nickel batteries, compared to lithium-ion batteries, are more sensitive to the cold, which means that in winter it will be easier to work with them on the street.

Review Summary:

DEWALT DCF815S2 is an amazing driver kit that provides efficient service for working on any surface. This is suitable not only for tight space but also provide quick fastening applications.

Impact drivers really make a great power tool when it comes to drilling. The sudden rotational movement of this tool can help easily get a very high rpm and excellent torque. These tools can be mainly used for loosening your screws, and nuts which get jammed or corrosively frozen and unable to remove them from where they are attached. If you are planning to fix a few things in and around your house then this impact driver is very best suited. What more do you need to fix nut and bolt issue and drill holes in your walls?

Check the features before buying

Before you buy an impact driver it is very much essential that you should know their features. This will not only give you confidence that you are buying a great product, but also understand and get a fair knowledge on how to use the product before you buy it.

We have recommended this product for you because of the below features :

1. Power: The torque of this impact driver is exemplary and can be termed as the best. They can easily be used to remove certain nuts and bolts where many other drivers are not reachable.

2. Durability: This impact driver is quite solid and rigid. It does not wear out that easily. The entire unit is quite balanced and the ergonomic nature of the driver handle can be very comfortable at times.

3. Size: The compact size of this impact driver is very convenient to fit into any nook and corner of your house. As this is a very lightweight impact driver, it can easily be ported from one room to another  without needing for a carrier for movement.

4. Design: The ergonomic design gives it more flexibility to reach out to hidden places. Hence it can be used to drill in places which are not easily reachable such as the vault, the altar, etc.

5. Battery: The battery is pretty much durable and the LED illumination is one of the best attractions of this impact drivers. The tool is supported with 3 LED lights in order to facilitate its usage in the dark areas of your home. These LEDs will illuminate and give better lighting arrangement as compared to the external bulbs.


Why should you ever choose this product?

It is obvious that there are a lot of advantages of choosing this product because of which we are advising you to select this product.  Read here and learn why we are saying this is a great impact driver and what unique feature of this product stands above all other competitor products.


  • Long lasting batteries: The batteries can be quickly charged within few minutes and they are very durable.
  • Warranty: The product comes with 3 years limited warranty, 90 day money back guarantee as well as 1 year free service contract.
  • User friendly features:This tool is very easy to operate because of its ergonomic structure. The battery is not heavy either. The 3 LEDs are the main attractions of the tool as they can be used even in dark areas.


  • Wobble: The chuck slightly wobbles around the edges.
  • Tightening: When you are trying to tighten the bolts, the torque sometimes lose control which prevents the bolts from completely fitting tightly.
  • Noise: Sometimes the noise can be too disturbing. The product guide suggests that all customers need to use a headphone when the tool is being operated.


Customer score

The overall customer score is around 4.8 out of 5 stars for this product. When there are lot of positive feedback about the product, it makes sense for customers to think the product is very durable, easy to use and compact as well as lightweight. People have felt it very comfortable to use this product because of its various uses in the house repair work.

On the contrary, there are some negative reviews where customers felt that the chuck has some kind of wobble. Also some customers were not satisfied with the shipping speed.

Product installation guide

Here is the step by step installation guide to help you install and assemble the tool:

  • The product can be very easily installed. The kit comes with the assembly instructions along with the user guide.
  • The tool has an extra battery and is made of lithium ion. Make sure you keep it handy.
  • Ensure that you attach the front end of the drill and fit it properly with the battery given.
  • Charge the tool once you fit in the battery. You can use a 120V adapter for charging even though the product guide gives 220V as most of the experienced customers have commented about the voltage capacity.
  • Test out the LEDs and make sure that they are easily fitted in and working fine. You may test the tool in a dark place to see if LED glows fine.
  • You also get a belt clip which can be easily attached to your belt while working.
  • Switch on the button and see if it works fine.
  • Then, test it out in a small area before you jump on to trying the actual job.


This product comes with other accessories such as a spare battery, a storage bag or pouch, a very cute belt clip to fix the driver to your belt when you are working in the dark areas. An all in one impact driver with excellent torque and features described above can offer a great relief to all those who are struggling in drilling or tightening or loosening the nuts. As this impact driver can be handled in single hand, it is very convenient for almost any tough job. As it can be fitted into your belt, it is one of the best portable tools available in the market. This aptly priced Dewalt impact driver is being liked by most of the customers because of it great features and the advantages it has over other similar products in the market.

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