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The impact driver can drill all kinds of holes. It is indispensable for working with any material, even the hardest ones: concrete, metal, stone, etc. The design feature of the tool makes it almost universal. In this article, we’ll review the DEWALT DCF885C2 impact driver and inform you about its pros and cons.

Key features of DEWALT DCF885C2

Voltage 20 V Power Source ‎Cordless-electric
Torque ‎1400 Inch Pounds Batteries Type ‎Lithium Ion
Max Power ‎300 Watts Weight ‎2.8 pounds
Max Rotation Speed ‎2800 RPM Editor Rating 4.8 stars

  • Voltage. The higher the value, the less effort it takes to get the job done. At the same time, a high power rating requires more energy, which means the battery needs to be stronger as well.
  • Torque. The maximum torque is directly related to the intended use of the tool. In fact, it is responsible for the “strength” of the device. The higher this indicator, the easier it is for the screwdriver to screw large screws.
  • Rotation speed. This is the number of revolutions made by the spindle around its own axis in a unit of time. It is measured in revolutions per minute (rpm). The higher the speed of the drill, the higher its productivity.
  • Battery. The most commonly used types of batteries for an impact driver:
    • Li-Ion – more expensive than nickel batteries, but behind this price are weighty advantages, such as light weight, no “memory effect”, no self-discharge (presence in the smallest possible amount), good performance properties.
    • Ni-Cd – the most popular type of battery for a screwdriver, primarily due to its price. When choosing this type of battery, it is important to follow the instructions on how to charge it.
    • Ni-MH – released to replace the Ni-Cd type, its characteristics are not much inferior to its “big brother”, but it does not contain harmful cadmium, which means easier battery disposal.

Nickel batteries, compared to lithium-ion batteries, are more sensitive to the cold, which means that in winter it will be easier to work with them on the street.

Review Summary:

Dewalt DCF885C2 impact driver is a USA manufactured driver, coming with 11 items in the kit box. With two batteries and rechargers, you will have long time support to work. Moreover, the durable motor ensures good drilling experienced; meanwhile, 3 built-in LED light provides safe and accurate working experience. Thinking of the size and weight, a 5.5-inch small body with slim handle and one-handed loading feature is enough to get maximum advantage to create holes and driving long screws. So, work with the impact driver and finish your work fast because of faster power and durable motor.

Dewalt DCF885C2 is an ideal impact driver model that is powered by a 20-volt max lithium-ion battery. When considering for buying a good impact driver, this model will come first because of the amazing features and unique design.

The design, weight and shape of the driver is good for  long time work for drilling and driving long screws into the holes. On the other hand, battery provides enough power to the Dewalt driver so that you can continue working without having any problem. Moreover, exchangeable battery feature is included so that you can carry extra battery to replace when previous one is dead.

Check the features before buying

The Dewalt driver is powered by battery, not direct cord connection like other manual drivers. Therefore, you will always get the maximum support to work with the model.

Fast Speed Impact Driver: The impact driver is ready to deliver you a great experience of working with its speed and performance. You can use the fast driver for a variety of applications for work.

According to the report of Dewalt, the model can work up to 2,800 RPM that is 43% faster than other drivers. With the speed controlling feature, select your comfortable speed and start working with the durable motor.

Power & Performance: No doubt the driver is very powerful and suitable for the professionals who work for cabinetmaking projects as well as steel stud framers. Moreover, the HVAC professionals also love the type of the model because of highly performing driver.

As you know, the cordless driver is powered by a 20-volt max lithium-ion battery; this is durable and improves your work experience.

Ergonomic friendly design: The design and handle of the impact driver is ergonomic friendly for you so that you do not face any problem. On the other hand, the one-handed loading system is too fast to work professionally with the perfect design. Don’t forget the slim handle and 1-inch bit tips that enables you to work in any tight place.

Light weight & Perfect size: This Dewalt model is a 5.5-inch body with slim handle for making it most suitable for work. Being only 2.8 pounds, this is very flexible to work for any drilling purpose.

The size goes well with the comfortable handle and the buttons. For that reason, handling and pressuring for creating whole has become easier with the light weight driving machine.

Two Rechargeable Batteries: The electronics driver comes with maximum battery life for random work. No more waiting for the electricity in case of load shedding to start work again. The impact driver is powered by a 20 volt lithium-ion battery to maximize working life.

In addition, the machine also supports 18 volts lithium-ion battery in case you do not have the 20-volt battery. Moreover, the included battery recharger also supports both voltage batteries to recharge. In fact, the Dewalt battery recharger is compatible to recharge from 12-volt to 20-volt max Dewalt lithium-ion batteries.

A Perfect Kit Box: This Dewalt model comes with a wonderful kit box so that you can assemble the necessary things with you. You will get 11 items in the kit box of the driver.

Along with 2 batteries and 2 chargers, you will have one belt hook, /4-inch impact driver, one hard plastic storage for better work experience. For that reason, there is no chance to forget to carry any of the items that you may need for work if you purchase the impact driver.

3 years Limited Warranty: Like other Dewalt drivers, the DCF885C2 also offers 3 years limited warranty to the users. Therefore, you can feel safe and free from any type of repair or maintenance cost if your purchase the driver for your work.

Make sure that your dealer have experienced and trained repair group in order to return the product as soon as possible. Otherwise, you may need to pay cost for shipping to the manufacturer and wait for weeks to get the driver back.

Benefit of using Dewalt DCF885C2

Customers satisfaction and features of the Dewalt DCF885C2 indicate how much beneficial the product is! The unique features make the drilling driver so professional that you may not look for another model!

  1. Built-in 3 LED Light: The driver has 3 built-in LED light so that you can work safely and watch what you are doing. Many of you do mistakes while creating holes and driving the screw in wrong place. Therefore, the 20 second delay starter light will help you in this case.
  2. Energy Star Certified Battery Charger: As you know, Dewalt offers Energy Start Certified battery charger to charge the tool’s battery. The quality and standard of the charger is better for environment than other random chargers.



Pros and Cons


  • Ergonomic Friendly Design & light weight body
  • Slim handle covered by comfortable rubber layout
  • 3-LED light for avoiding shadow
  • One handed easy loading system with super fast motor
  • Energy Star charger for a better environment


  • No bit holder
  • Lack of battery Life Indicator

Customer score

The drill driver has achieved 4.6-feedback rating out of 5 from the experienced customers.
“This driver is really great and comfortable for use because this is small and has slim handle. I do not need to wait for charging the batteries because it offers two batteries. Thanks!”

Dewalt DCF885C2 installation guide

The installation guide of Dewalt DCF885C2 will be given with the product. Place the battery bar under the handle and join the hex accessories when you will work.



Dewalt DCF885C2 impact driver is a USA made drill machine, perfect for drilling because of some unique and amazing features. No doubt that you will get the maximum advantage by using the tool for work. In fact, the tight space working capability with faster motor will boost your drilling experience.

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