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The impact driver can drill all kinds of holes. It is indispensable for working with any material, even the hardest ones: concrete, metal, stone, etc. The design feature of the tool makes it almost universal. In this article, we’ll review the Porter-Cable PCCK640LB impact driver and inform you about its pros and cons.

Key features of Porter-Cable PCCK640LB

Voltage 20 V Power Source ‎Battery Powered
Torque ‎1,495 Inch Pounds Batteries Type ‎Lithium Ion
Max Power ‎35 watts Weight ‎2.9 pound
Max Rotation Speed 3,100 RPM Editor Rating 4.7 stars

  • Voltage. The higher the value, the less effort it takes to get the job done. At the same time, a high power rating requires more energy, which means the battery needs to be stronger as well.
  • Torque. The maximum torque is directly related to the intended use of the tool. In fact, it is responsible for the “strength” of the device. The higher this indicator, the easier it is for the screwdriver to screw large screws.
  • Rotation speed. This is the number of revolutions made by the spindle around its own axis in a unit of time. It is measured in revolutions per minute (rpm). The higher the speed of the drill, the higher its productivity.
  • Battery. The most commonly used types of batteries for an impact driver:
    • Li-Ion – more expensive than nickel batteries, but behind this price are weighty advantages, such as light weight, no “memory effect”, no self-discharge (presence in the smallest possible amount), good performance properties.
    • Ni-Cd – the most popular type of battery for a screwdriver, primarily due to its price. When choosing this type of battery, it is important to follow the instructions on how to charge it.
    • Ni-MH – released to replace the Ni-Cd type, its characteristics are not much inferior to its “big brother”, but it does not contain harmful cadmium, which means easier battery disposal.

Nickel batteries, compared to lithium-ion batteries, are more sensitive to the cold, which means that in winter it will be easier to work with them on the street.

Review Summary:

Porter-Cable PCCK640LB is an amazing driver kit that provides efficient service for working on any surface. This is suitable not only for tight space but also provide quick fastening applications.

Porter Cable impact drivers are very professional and efficient to give good service. Suddenly need to driving a long screw or creating long holes in the room. Therefore, having a good impact driver will be an advantage for any person.

Porter Cable PCCK640LB is an amazing driver kit that provides efficient service for working on any surface. This is suitable not only for tight space but also provide quick fastening applications.

Check the features before buying

This is important to know the features of any driver kit before buying. Knowing the features make it easy to buy a good driver for working.

High performance transmission: A high torque motor is working behind giving you a perfect drilling feature. With the high speed motor, you will get 900 revelations per minute. Because of the high quality, fast motor, it ensures to give high performance transmission in any platform. Also, customize the speed of the powerful motor so that you can handle the driver perfectly and feel comfortable.

Various fastening applications: The high speed and efficient impact driver is very qualified and workable for any applications. Starting from drilling contraction building, this can also be used for driving long screws into the wooden furniture. Moreover, driving into a steel platform for fastening is also possible with the driver.

Easy load Chuck System: The impact kit comes with an easy load chuck system to the users. As a result, it offers one hand loading ability to the users. Therefore, it saves time if you are in hurry to finish work.

Compact size: This is a compact size kit that allows working anywhere you want. Suitable for any tight space, small size provides easy to handle and push it for creating holes and driving long screws.

This is a 6.2 inch small kit for the professionals. Porter-Cable has managed the powerful battery kit inside the driver perfectly. Moreover, the design is ergonomic friendly with no-slip grip cover.

Powered by a Lithium-ion Power: 20-volt max 1/4-inch lithium-ion battery is powering the driver kit. The battery is enough to power the high torque motor. The battery provides long-lasting power to the users.

According to the Porter-Cable experts, this 20-volt battery can give 1.5 amp-hours to the drivers. As a result, this is perfect for any corporate level usages as well as professional use.

Battery life Indicator: The excellently designed impact driver also has a battery fuel display for the users. Having the battery life display, it enables the user to recharge this whenever it is going to die.

LED work light ensures no shadow: Don’t worry if the working area is dark if you have the Porter-Cable PCCK640LB driver kit. It has a built-in LED light with the driver kit that provides you to work in any dark work. However, the light will be turned off as soon as you release the trigger.

Benefits of using the Porter-Cable Driver Kit

The driver kit comes with amazing specifications for the users. For example, you have purchased the Porter-Cable PCCK640LB and you will get the following benefits.

  1. Work in low light: No problem if the light condition is not good or its almost sunset time because it has LED light to help you during work. For that reason, you can release the trigger and turn on the LED light to get no shadow during work.
  2. Compact Size: As the size of the driver kit is small, only 6.2 inch to support you in any tight area, you will surely get maximum working experience. On the other hand, the strength remains same although Porter-Cable gives the kit a small shape.


Pros and Cons


  • High Speed Motor: The first pros of the drilling machine will be its high speed motor that gives nearly 900 rpm to the users. With speed variations, it has become easier to any user to select speed of work and feel comfortable while drilling.
  • Battery Life Display: Another big advantage of using the drilling machine will be its battery life indicator display. Don’t forget that maximum drivers do not have any display for battery life. As this model has the display, it’s easier to know when you should charge the driver.


  • Weight Compared to other Models: Although 3.2 pounds weight of the driver is regarded as lightweight, it is not. Still there are many driver kits which are lightweight than the driver.

Installation Guide

The impact driver is easy to install to get it ready for work.

  1. Take the driver and connect the battery under it
  2. Take the hexagonal socket from the kit box and join it
  3. Install the Briver Bit into the hexagonal hole
  4. Test the LED light is working or not
  5. Release the trigger to be sure the driver is working and ready to work

Customer feedback

Reading what people are saying is the best research that you can ever do. Let’s see what people are saying about the impact driver.

“I just love the driver kit because of its compact size; it offers me to work for any installation. Anti-slip layout handle is great with one hand loading facility.”



Think about its motor power, performance, compact size and weight. Aren’t they great to have in one drilling driver kit? It is not only perfect for professional use but also ensures high performance work ability in any condition because of the LED lights. Don’t forget about the battery fuel display that is one of the unique feature of the driver too! Therefore, going with the driver kit could be a great experience to have for application installations.

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