Impact Driver Reviews and Buying Guide

Impact Drivers are an important part of your work. Having a great impact driver and knowing how to properly use it can greatly speed your work. It can also make things a LOT easier. Just imagine all the fuss and trouble you would endure if you had to loosen an over-torqued bolt or nut by hand.

You need an Impact Driver that has the right power, has the features you need, is durable, and is always reliable. You may need a driver that is battery powered. Then how long the charge lasts can be a big factor in how your day goes.

Please see our big list of Best Cordless Impact Drivers on our comparison chart below. Here you can compare one top model with another to pinpoint the value that is best for you. As always, we link to the lowest prices on the Website.

Top 5 Best Impact Driver Recommendations

Images Product My rating Price
Makita XDT131 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Brushless Cordless Impact Driver Kit (3.0Ah) 4,9
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DEWALT DCF887D2 20V MAX XR Li-ion 2.0 Ah Brushless 0.25″ 3-Speed Impact Driver Kit 4,8
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Bosch PS41-2A 12-Volt Max Lithium-Ion 1/4-Inch Hex Impact Driver Kit with 2 Batteries, Charger and Case 4,8
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DEWALT DCF885C2 20-Volt MAX Lithium-Ion 1/4-Inch 1.5 Ah Impact Driver Kit 4,6
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Porter Cable PCC640 20V Max Lithium Ion 1/4″ Hex Impact Driver 4,7
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Why Should You Select Impact Drivers At All?

When something makes your life easy then it is a general tendency that you would choose the product regularly as it is very advantageous in doing so.

1. Understand the difference between the drills and impact driver: While drills can apply a constant torque and have excellent control across various speed ranges and settings,  impact drivers can offer much powerful torque with potentially more linear force.

2. Handle them easily: Impact drivers can be handled easily without using too much force to turn them on/off or during operation. Without applying much force you can provide good torque.

3. RPM: The rotation force is provided by the momentum of the strike. Hence you can get better rpm with these impact drivers as compared to any ordinary drills.

4. Suitable for heavy duty: As the impact drivers have rapid bursts because of the linear force they apply when you operate them, they are very much suitable for any kind of heavy duty jobs.

5. Operates without clutches: People who have irritation with using clutches should be more happy now as these impact drivers can operate without them.

6. Has a quick release hex chuck: Hex chucks make your bits changing job a lot easier. You can just slide the outer ring, push it forward and drop the bit, slide and load it.

7. Throw some light: You can use these tools day and night as they are LED operated.

8. Wide range of utility: They can be used for both residential as well as commercial purpose. Whether it comes to woodworking or simply removing or tightening the nuts, these tools come handy.

9. Durability: Who does not want to save money on these impact drivers? Most of these tools are very durable. As you can replace the individual worn out parts, it can be easily used for longer term to help you fix all the necessary nut and bolt jobs.

10. Are they good for gearhead? You can save a lot of time with cordless impact drivers. These drivers are very much suitable for smaller engines as you can get the work done quickly. However, do not worry there are other variety impact drivers which are very much suitable for bigger gearheads.

Do you wanna learn how to buy the best impact driver? Read more to find out!

These step by step instructions help you learn how to buy the best impact driver which can be used for all purposes.

Step 1: Select the right torque: Impact drivers are equipped with overwhelming torque. Make sure that you select the ones which have a powerful torque just enough to drive long and short screws.

Step 2: There’s the driving screws: Buy those drivers which can make drills easily. Choose the one with optimal rpm so you can drill bigger holes with a smaller driver.

Step 3: Wanna try one handed driver? Try the one-handed which can balance the torque and its rpm. This is much better than the ones you operate with two hands as you will save some energy in trying to push too hard.

Step 4: Do you love to be loud? Impact drivers generally make loud noise just like heavy drummers in your ears. Try buying a hearing aid to prevent your ears.

Step 5: Easy to handle: Why do you want to stress you hands and arm when you can get superior quality impact drivers which can handle all the stress for you?

Step 6: Impact ready: You can buy the hex-shaft kit to prepare against any impact.

Step 7: Don’t be flattered by looks: Looks are most deceiving. Always consider impact drivers which transfer torque to and from motor to chuck. This can offer excellent shock resistance.

Step 8: Consider a combo: When you buy these accessories which go with impact drivers, it can cost you less. Hence make sure you combo the items such as hammer, drill, driver and few other tools when you buy your new impact driver.

All The Types Of Impact Drivers

Like any power tool, impact drivers come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, purposes and specifications. Luckily, there aren’t a whole bunch. The list below contains the most popular types of impact drills as well as the lesser known ones. Read on to pick which one would suit you best for the job. Some are inexpensive, though a few of the motorized versions are going to cost significantly more than a typical electric driver or drill.

Manual Impact Drivers Right-Angle Drivers Electric Impact Drivers Cordless Drill Driver
These are often called “hand impact drivers” because they only require your hand and a hammer. The principal is still the same in the workings, though it does slightly differ from a motorized version. Here, in the manual impact driver, a hammer is smacked on the end of the device and the motion is transferred into the business end of the tool. You need to apply downward pressure and turn in synchronization with the hammer hits. These can be either pneumatic, electric or hydraulic. You’ll usually find them in electric forms, though. The part where the torque is released and the driver does its dirty work is at a right angle, making it ideal for some jobs. They’re usually the same price as other models, though sometimes carry the premium expense of being more convenient.
  • Corded Impact Drivers The corded version features a power and torque comparable to the pneumatic version and is capable of working with large nuts and bolts like its cousins.
  • Cordless Impact Drivers If you have a cordless version, you won’t need to worry about tangling things up but it won’t have the power that a corded version does. 
When you need the most popular and versatile drill drivers, cordless drill drivers are the best and most economical. This portable power tool offers high speed, better formance and excellent torque when it comes to utility. Because of the ease of use, these tools can help achieve better precision and accuracy while drilling. These cordless drill drivers are equipped with clutches for excellent gripping and adjust the torque to get precise results.

Cordless Impact Driver vs Corded Impact Driver Infographic


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While making your selection for the best impact driveryou need to consider various factors as described in this article. One other important factor you need to remember is understand the exact purpose of why you need to buy the impact driver and where exactly you need to use it. Once you figure out the exact purpose, then you will know which impact driver you must purchase. Most of the details are covered in our guides and we are happy to answer any new questions you may have apart from what we have explained on our site. If you get the most suitable model and brand of impact driver, then you will have an amazing experience working with your power tool. The neatness and preciseness of work you can do with your power tool is not comparable to any other repair work you may get outside by shedding lump sum money on the contractors. Besides that work satisfaction you get from these impact drivers are just priceless.  Do your own research, take our help, stay safe and enjoy using the best power impact driver.